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DONE IN 30 MIN DI30 workouts offer highly effective exercises, licensed music tracks, audio cues, timings, alerts and a 30 minute countdown clock. By providing this content, DI30 allows every Trainer to focus solely on training their clients through pacesetting, spotting, correction and motivation rather than clock watching and rep counting. CLUB TRAINING SUPPORT SITE The Club Training support site has been specifically designed to help Personal Trainers licensed with Club Training.
You can learn about current systems, special offers and available roles. There are also several pages teaching you how generate more clients and how to use the website to help boost your business.
OUR PT PACKAGE Club Training is now making a massive investment in its new trainers and will be offering a support package unlike anything offered before. We encourage all trainers to come find out about our new package and see what we can offer them. FULL BODY FUNC WORKOUT A full-body functional resistance based workout featuring compound multi-directional movements. Your clients will circuit upper and lower body resistance with functional and anaerobic endurance to get their body responding in ways they didn't think possible. They'll not only improve their strength and muscle conditioning but also their stability and functionality. HIIT & RUN WORKOUT Move over SPINNING, HIIT and Run is here. This High Intensity Interval Training utilises running movement patterns and plyometric exercises to give your clients the ultimate cardio workout. Run, lunge and jump into action with this 30 minute calorie burner.
Played with high energy dance tracks that will boost your energy and get your running like a champion.
BEACH BUTT BOOTCAMP WORKOUT Create a ‘Premier Derriere’ with this butt beautifying workout. This 30 minute session hits the lower body from every angle and will lift, tightens and shape your client's rear into a work of art that can be displayed at a beach of their choosing.

Accompanied by a selection of groove tunes giving you some ‘funk’ for your ‘trunk’ and a whole lotta mojo.
MMA FITNESS This Mixed Martial Arts workout is a blend of Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling movement patterns which provide total-body strength, core-power, speed and flexibility.
If you don't TAP-OUT in 30 minutes you’ll TAP INTO a new level of fitness and conditioning. A great way to release your frustrations and get ripped at the same time.
SPARTAN RESISTANCE Build the body of a Greek Hero with this lean and mean workout. With a little blood, sweat and glory you will burn fat, increase strength, lose weight and shock your muscles into growth.
This workout combines static strength, explosive movements and muscular endurance in a legendary circuit session to get your clients ripped and ready for battle. Dumbbells are required, hard work is essential, loin cloths are optional.
ABSOLUTION Welcome to the AB LAB where six-packs are made. This 30 minute washboard maker is a workout of two halves:
15 minutes of high calorie burning training using a speed ladder to melt away your muffin top mixed with 15 minutes of trunk-busting, stomach-ripping exercises.
BECOME A PERSONAL TRAINER Welcome to The Club Training Academy. The only 'One Stop' shop where you gain a Personal Trainer qualification, a GUARANTEED job before you start and ongoing face to face support from Personal Training experts. BOOK A TRY-OUT A TRY-OUT is the fastest way for Personal Trainers to fin out about positions at their preferred club. The TRY-OUTS are 30 minute interviews which will allow you to see the club, speak to a Regional PT Manager and find out more about Club Training. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK LIKE US on Facebook and you will receive the latest jobs updates, training courses, news, special offers and much more.....